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All-inclusive Nitro cold brew

Coffee that's worth the commute

Over 70% of Gen Z and Millennial workers now prefer cold coffee. Energize your team with the ultimate turnkey office perk starting at just $345/mo.

Fueling 500,000+ Coffee Lovers Daily!
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Great workplaces deserve great coffee

Award-Winning Taste

Our signature blend is handcrafted, steeped, and chilled for 18+ hours using freshly-roasted specialty beans from Honduras. It's no coincidence we've been voted the best coffee in the city 5 times.

Office Culture on Tap

Chats over coffee inspire connection and strengthen relationships. And with CWJ Nitro Cold Brew on tap, your team can make the best coffee run in town without ever leaving the office.

Turnkey Service & Equipment

CWJ's Office Cold Brew program is a full-service, turn-key solution. We deliver, stock, and maintain your kegs and kegerator to keep the office running (and pouring) smoothly.

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serving 2,000+ taps nationwide

“We installed Commonwealth Joe's Nitro Cold Brew in our office mainly because we  care about having a really great work culture, and really great coffee is part of that.”

Zvi Band
Co-Founder/CEO, Contactually

How does it work?

All-inclusive means everything: monthly delivery, machine rental, maintenance, and training. We handle it all so you can focus on your team. No hidden fees. No hassle. Get started today!

1. Discuss Your Needs

Talk to a CWJ Cold Brew Expert to determine the delivery plan that's right for your employees.

2. Pick Your Drinks

Choose from our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew and other delicious craft beverages.

3. Be The Office Hero

Sit back and relax. Our turnkey service will make your office the best coffee shop on the block in less than 2 weeks!

Cold brew coffee, perfected

Our family roastery has spent nearly a decade crafting our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew, and the proof is in every sip. Naturally smooth and sweet with a creamy finish, Commonwealth Joe fuels over 500,000 coffee lovers in offices from coast to coast every day.

Simply Crafted

We use three ingredients: freshly-roasted coffee beans, purified water, and nitrogen.

Delightfully Creamy

Our cold brew is infused with nitrogen for a creamy, smooth texture that always delights. 

Smoothly Balanced

Steeped in cold water for 18 hours, our cold brew extracts all the flavor from the beans without the bitterness.

Naturally Energizing

Nitro cold brew has double the caffeine of your typical coffee - but zero sugar!

Environmentally Friendly

Each Commonwealth Joe keg consumed saves 80 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Beyond the bean

Non-coffee drinkers on your team? We also offer premium seltzer, tea, and kombucha.


A carbonated, refreshing, and lightly-caffeinated beverage made from fermented tea.


A refreshing option to enjoy any time of day! Bright and vibrant flavor, now in lime & grapefruit.


Invigorating brews including exotic, floral passionfruit black tea and caffeine-free hibiscus herbal tea.

Ready to taste the ultimate office perk for yourself?

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Coffee lovers are raving about CWJ

Worth every penny

“I have tried many cold brew options - big names and small names alike; but nothing compares to Commonwealth Joe.”

- Faith M.
Unbeatable in a taste test

“It is extremely smooth, delicious and doesn’t have that chemically taste. It tastes fresh - like it was just brewed and handed to me. Love it!”

- Katie G.
Converted me to coffee

“I only started drinking coffee recently, when I discovered that cold brew contains far less acidity/bitterness than coffee that is brewed hot. Now I'm obsessed.”

- Mike H.


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Built on passion

In 2004, Mom and I worked together at a local coffee shop. She was a roaster. I was a barista. We fell in love with freshly-roasted coffee and she has been roasting ever since. Commonwealth Joe was founded to bring Mom's coffee to the community, with a mission of making amazing coffee approachable.

With over 15 years of roasting experience, our mission is to breathe new life into an ancient craft and make amazing coffee approachable. Because if you're going to do something every day, why not make it remarkable?

Robert Peck
Co-Founder & CEO

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