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Delight your customers with the cold brew they crave

Over 70% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers prefer to drink cold coffee. Use our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew to craft beverages they'll love at any time of day!

Fueling 500,000+ Coffee Lovers Daily!
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Delight Your Customers & Boost Your Profits

Award-Winning Taste

Our signature blend is handcrafted, steeped, and chilled for 18+ hours using specialty beans from Honduras. It's no coincidence we've been voted the best coffee in the city 6 times.

On Tap & Ready to Pour

Pour our cold brew by the glass or as an ingredient in other items - all with no prep, high margins and no extra training or special equipment required.

Turnkey Service & Equipment

We deliver, stock, and maintain everything you need to keep your taps running (and pouring) smoothly. All you have to do is update your menu and we'll handle the rest!

serving 2,000+ taps nationwide

“We used to make cold brew to sell our consumers in the back of the cafe, but it was inconsistent. We love having a reliable vendor that takes pride in the quality of their beverages and is also committed to high quality service.”

Bakery Owner, Washington, DC

How does it work?

All-inclusive means everything: monthly delivery, machine rental, maintenance, and training. We handle it all so you can focus on your team. No hidden fees. No hassle. Get started today!

1. Discuss Your Needs

Talk to a CWJ Cold Brew Expert to determine the delivery plan that's right for your customers.

2. Pick Your Drinks

Choose from our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew and other delicious craft beverages.

3. Delight Your Customers

Sit back and relax. Our turnkey service provides everything you need to add cold coffee beverages to your menu.

Naturally smooth, never bitter

Our family roastery has spent nearly a decade crafting our award-winning Nitro Cold Brew, and the proof is in every sip. Naturally smooth and sweet with a creamy finish, Commonwealth Joe fuels over 500,000 coffee lovers from coast to coast every day.

Simply Crafted

We use three ingredients: freshly-roasted coffee beans, purified water, and nitrogen.

Delightfully Creamy

Our cold brew is infused with nitrogen for a creamy, smooth texture that always delights. 

Smoothly Balanced

Steeped in cold water for 18 hours, our cold brew extracts all the flavor from the beans without the bitterness.

Naturally Energizing

Nitro cold brew has double the caffeine of your typical coffee - but zero sugar!

Environmentally Friendly

Each Commonwealth Joe keg consumed saves 80 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Where coffee meets mixology

Serve nitro cold brew on draft or mix our cold brew concentrate to make top-selling drinks any time

Cold Brew Latte

CWJ's award-winning cold brew coffee mixed with oat milk, creating a creamy, dairy-free, and subtly sweetened latte.

Espresso Martini

Velvety smooth cocktail mixed with espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup, shaken over ice for a frothy top.

Smoothie/Acai Bowl

Thick, rich blend of espresso and acai with fruits, vegetables, and milk, juice or yogurt. Top with fruit for a nutritious bowl!

Ready to see what all the buzz is about?

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Coffee lovers are raving about CWJ

Worth every penny

“I have tried many cold brew options - big names and small names alike; but nothing compares to Commonwealth Joe.”

- Faith M.
Unbeatable in a taste test

“It is extremely smooth, delicious and doesn’t have that chemically taste. It tastes fresh - like it was just brewed and handed to me. Love it!”

- Katie G.
Converted me to coffee

“I only started drinking coffee recently, when I discovered that cold brew contains far less acidity/bitterness than coffee that is brewed hot. Now I'm obsessed.”

- Mike H.


What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Our Nitro Cold Brew is a unique style of coffee that undergoes a special preparation process. Unlike iced coffee, which is brewed hot and served cold, cold brew is brewed cold and served cold.

We begin our process by steeping freshly-roasted specialty coffee beans in cold water for over 18 hours, allowing the natural coffee flavors to infuse fully without extracting the bitter compounds released during a hot brew.

Next, we meticulously filter our cold brew six times to remove any remaining coffee grounds from the beverage.

Finally, we infuse the cold brew with nitrogen, which gives the beverage a naturally sweet and creamy texture, eliminating the need for additional sweeteners or creamers.

The result is a delicious, refreshing, and incredibly smooth cup of coffee, made exclusively with three simple ingredients: coffee, water, and nitrogen.

What types of cold coffee does CWJ offer?

We serve two primary products: cold brew concentrate and ready-to-drink cold brew. With the concentrate, you are equipped with an ingredient that can be used to make hundreds of different beverages. Just pour, mix, and serve. If you want to just have a simple program with cold coffee beverages that are pour and serve with minimal mixing, try our ready-to-drink program. Our coffee is bold and smooth, with no bitter after taste. We use a medium roasted coffee that appeals to the vast majority of taste profiles.

What other beverages can I make with cold brew?

You can make hundreds of different beverages with our cold coffee concentrate as a base ingredients ranging from delicious lattes to cold brew to espresso martinis. The possibilities are endless. Check out our recipe page for some inspiration but we encourage you to experiment and create your own beverages.

What is included with CWJ's cold coffee program?

Commonwealth Joe’s cold coffee program is all-inclusive. We provide the deliveries, the coffee, dispensing equipment, machine maintenance, line-cleaning equipment, drink recipes and marketing materials to get started, business ordering portal access, and a dedicated customer success partner.

Which geographies does CWJ service?

We currently offer our full-service cold coffee program in DC Metro, Baltimore, NYC / New Jersey, and Philadelphia. We also have keg distribution partnerships that allow us to service 25 states across the US.

What type of locations can benefit from CWJ's cold coffee program?

We have flexible packages that can work with any space. In addition to restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and juice shops, you can also find our coffee in many other locations including offices, coworking spaces, apartment buildings, airport lounges, gyms. Reach out to our sales team to see how our craft beverages will be a great addition to your space.

What size are CWJ's cold brew bag-in-box options?

We offer both 2.5-gallon and 5-gallon bag-in-box options, with 40-50 servings and 80-100 servings, respectively. 

How much space does the kegerator take up?

Our kegerators are about the size of an office chair and as tall as a standard countertop (approx. 24"x25"x33"). 

Does the kegerator need a water hookup?

No. Our kegerators only require a standard US 3-prong power outlet (115v). The machine is also on wheels so you can roll it to wherever is most convenient for you!

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out a quick form and someone on our team will be in touch soon! 

We can't wait to get your team delicious, on-tap beverages.

Built on passion

In 2004, Mom and I worked together at a local coffee shop. She was a roaster. I was a barista. We fell in love with freshly-roasted coffee and she has been roasting ever since. Commonwealth Joe was founded to bring Mom's coffee to the community, with a mission of making amazing coffee approachable.

With over 15 years of roasting experience, our mission is to breathe new life into an ancient craft and make amazing coffee approachable. Because if you're going to do something every day, why not make it remarkable?

Robert Peck
Co-Founder & CEO

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